Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo Sharing

I feel all images used in the classroom can be powerful, whether they are in video or photo form. I am new to photo sharing, so I will need to practice more and become confident before introducing it to my students. Then we can use photos of them receiving or using alternative health to inform others. Students do an end of the course presentation where they can incorporate video, photos, power point, or any image they choose to develop their point. I will encourage them to use their creative thinking skills along with critical thinking skills. Students learn more when photos are used because the brain remembers images so vividly. Color also enhanced that effect.
Students will also share photos to the class wiki along with the web address of the research articles they find to write the paper. These photos can be anything off the web which is allowed to be used on a wiki. Then when a person looks up an alternative health topic on our wiki they will see images to make an even greater impression.
Depending upon the student, these activities can be extremely helpful in learning and remembering content.